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Due to extreme use of electrical equipment, Construction, Demolition and Mining industries are REQUIRED BY LAW to have their electrical appliances Test and Tagged EVERY THREE MONTHS. Offices and Service Industries, such as holiday accommodation and cleaning businesses, also have legal time frames to have their equipment tested. However, IT IS EVERY EMPLOYERS RESPONSIBILITY  TO ENSURE THEIR WORKERSARE SAFE and they should have all movable electrical appliances and leads that plug directly into a power socket  Test and Tagged on a regular basis. Failure to do so may result in the employer being found liable should an accident occur due to appliances being faulty or unsafe to use. 

In recent years, there has been an increase of poor quality electrical appliances coming into Australia from overseas. A number of items don’t meet Australian Standards and would be considered to be prohibited, yet they are still being sold. Certain models of power-boards, for example, have been known to melt or overheat. Test and Tagging makes a huge difference in finding these flawed goods and helps largely to eliminate a numerous amount of electrical incidents.

Test and Tag  refers to the procedure of checking the safety of portable electrical objects. By and large, it involves visually inspecting the appliance for any damage, such as wear and tear or rodent damage. This is followed by Testing the item with a portable appliance tester (PAT). A Tag is then placed on the item to show when it was tested and by whom. A date is also recorded to show when the next Test should take place. The type of apparatus usually Test and Tagged will include any piece of equipment that has a flexible cable and a removable plug. This  incorporates extension leads, cord sets and portable RCD’s. Broadly speaking, appliances fall into two classes: Class 1 which are earthed appliances such as kettles, irons and toasters and Class 2 which are double insulated appliances such as electric drills and hair dryers.


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An example of an electrical lead in good condition.

An example of a good lead with no flaws or damage.

An example of  electrical leads that would not pass a test.

An example of two bad leads. One shows bare wires from the appliance plug, and a domestic extension lead found on a construction site showing cuts in the cable and damage to the shroud.